All attitude, tenacity, grit, passion...

Getting The Stuff Done (GTSD) Attitude

As a chief communicator, storyteller and synergist, my job is fun and simple: help define, create and find the many ways to tell the story - whether it's for a product, a service, an event or a cause. The synergist in me likes to operate in a systemic model: working with all the relevant individuals within the business or organization to make sure we're telling the right story, and a compelling one.   


I learned long ago from my most influential mentor and teacher – my late father – that GTSD is the only way to go through life…in every aspect of it.  And I strive to accomplish this simple, yet important objective every day.  GTSD is what drives me.

My motto of “Working hard-Working smart-Having fun” is what lets me enjoy my work – my career – even through the craziest and most challenging days (and there are plenty of them).  I enjoy running because it is as much good mental, as it is physical, health.  Running allows me to take out the “mental trash” that accumulates throughout the day and, combined with 6:00 a.m. intense basketball three times a week, helps keep me relatively sane.

Grit. Conviction. Passion. Tenacity. And zest.  They're innate and drive me.


And failures I have experienced remind me that I'm human, and they have made me work that much harder and smarter - and continue to make me a better individual overall.


There's only one speed in which to operate today in the communications and PR realm - ludicrous speed - because today's fast-paced society dictates it, and customers/clients demand and expect it. GTSD (Getting the Stuff Done) is the only attitude.









“Many of us have benefitted from Raul’s experience and insight as we have shaped a vision for our communications ministry.." 

 Robert Linstrom, Senior Pastor
Trinity Lutheran Church