Telling the story. Making things happen. Together.

There is no magic to what we do. We chalk it up to strategic thinking, planning and execution of ideas: whether it is a creative approach to promoting the importance of wearing sunglasses to help prevent glaucoma, ensuring that a credit union’s ribbon-cutting celebration is covered by the media by partnering with area high schools or using road construction projects to get a client’s business name in the media. Each story is different, and there are many tools to utilize in telling it. (Go ahead, click on any or all of the images to get the story.)
​Tropical Smoothie Cafe - GR Press front page story

“You will be no short of fortunate to have this visionary in your ranks - he is certainly one to have on your team, for he simply 'rocks'."   
Michael Crawford, Crawford Creative Group

Emily Zoladz |

​Supermercado Mexico/Meijer Partnership - FOX 17 Story
Komen Michigan Merger Announcement - Grand Rapids Business Journal
We're not talking bedtime stories (not that there's anything wrong with that): what we can do for you.
Stories can be told in many different ways. And the story itself should align with what you are trying to accomplish. We know you're busy, so let's work together and tell your story. Remember, we may not be experts in everything, but we are adaptable, quick studies and always in GTSD mode. Here's what we can do to make it happen:


  • development of a strategy - what are your goals and how will we get there?

  • message development - what do you want to include in the story?

  • marketing & promotional campaigns - how are we going to tell your story (or stories)?

  • media relations - some call it "earned media," but in simple terms, finding ways to get you covered in the news; let's face it, a press release is just a press release, right?

  • social medie engagement - this stuff is live, so what and when should you be posting? is it relevant? will it excite enought to engage?

  • speech writing - because, well, sometimes we have to tell our story in front of a real audience

  • ghost writing - no one needs to know you didn't actually write it, but no worries, the actual content is yours

  • event planning - let's celebrate our story (stories) by having a party and inviting our key audiences

  • crisis communications planning & management - uh-oh, something went wrong or someone did something wrong - how do we fix it?