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RA 24 Hours
RA 24 Hours

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RA 24 Hours
RA 24 Hours

Excite. Educate. Engage.  Let's make things happen - together.

What's Our Story?


​As a professional storyteller, chief communicator and overall synergist, I help small businesses and non-profits discover, craft and tell their own story. I'm not a consultant as much as i am a counselor and partner with my clients - that's where the synergy comes in. We make things happen together.

Telling that cool story

A simple press release used to work. Times have changed. Ludicrous speed is the norm, and the box was recyled a while ago (if you still have it, we need to talk). Ideation through fun, creative, sometimes disruptive, approaches that uses all sorts of tools - from social media to media relations to marketing campaigns - is how we get things done.

Those who have allowed us to help tell their story


They include small businesses, non-profits, churches, and newly established businesss. By being adatptable, and a quick study, I am able to absorb and learn across various disciplines, industries and causes. It's this diversity that makes my job fun. 

"I’ve worked with many communications directors in my 25 years covering schools for newspapers in Michigan and Connecticut. Raul Alvarez might be the very best.."

Dave Murray, former Education Reporter
Grand Rapids Press

**Getting The Stuff Done

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"Raul is not your average public relations contact. He is someone that exudes enthusiasm and energy for his job and the many organizations he was involved in. His passion easily showed through his work and creative marketing approaches and ideas.."

Melissa Burden, Reporter
Detroit News